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Dabur Hajmola ·Ayurvedic Digestive Tablets

What is Dabur Hajmola?

Hajmola is typically available in the form of chewable tablets that assist with stomach disorders such as indigestion or dyspepsia, upset stomachs and flatulence. It is a traditional remedy and consists mainly of spices and a variety of salts that help to quickly soothe acidity in the stomach.

Dabur Hajmola comes in four different flavors: Regular, Imli (tamarind), Pudina (mint) and Nimbu (lemon). This is the export quality version and is availble in two variants: Regular flavor and Imli flavor. While Dabur Hajmola is in the form of tablets, a candy variety is also available that is mainly marketed for children and may be eaten like any other candy. This is the regular variety of Dabur Hajmola and contains one hundred and twenty chewable pieces.


Black pepper, long pepper, ginger, lemon, cumin seeds, sugar, black salt, rock salt, sal ammoniac.

As you may gather, Dabur hajmola primarily contains salts which may assist in reducing acidity in the stomach and certain spices that are reputed to assist with stomach disorders in traditional Indian medicine.

There are no ingredients in the Dabur Hajmola that should be any cause for concern and it is safe for anyone of any age to eat.

Should I use the Dabur Hajmola?

There is no question that the Dabur Hajmola is provides quick relief for dyspepsia and other stomach ailments, the only major issue is the taste. People from the subcontinent will likely be familiar with the taste and appreciate it. Dabur Hajmola is even eaten daily as a sort of tangy, sweet and salty treat rather than for curing any particular stomach ailments.

People unfamiliar with the taste may well find it disgusting rather than a tasty treat. This is due to the presence of ammonium chloride as well as sulfates and other impurities in rock salt and black salt used to create the Dabur Hajmola. Even the taste of the spices may be strange and unpleasant for some.


Dabur Hajmola works quickly to relieve several kinds of stomach upsets. It contains spices, salts and lemon, all commonly available items in most grocery stores. It is a traditional Indian recipe and has no known side effects.


Depending on your personal preferences, the Dabur Hajmola may taste delicious or completely abhorrent to you. Excessive use may cause irritation of the stomach, but then excessive use of anything is bad for you.


The Dabur Hajmola is a chewable tablet made of basic ingredients that can provide quick relief for certain stomach disorders. It is not costly at all and has no noted side effects. Depending on your taste you may grow to quickly like the Dabur Hajmola and begin to use it everyday or you may find it distasteful and want nothing more to do with it. We recommend trying it out before getting this jar and making sure you find the Dabur Hajmola chewable pieces palatable unless you intend to pass them around to your friends or family.

Product Weight: 2.33 OZ (66 Grams)
Quantity: 120 Pieces
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Plastic Jar

Weight 230.00 kg
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