Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil 200ML


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Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil – Great Hair, Great Fragrance

What is Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil?

If you are familiar with the original Dabur Amla Hair Oil, you are most likely aware that it does not have the most pleasant of smells. You do get accustomed to it after some time but it does cause some discomfort, particularly if you are sensitive to smells.

The Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil on the other hand has a scent that is commonly described as perfume-y. It is good at making your hair smoother, shinier and more manageable but it does not reduce hair fall and improve the health of your hair as radically as the original Dabur Amla hair oil.


The Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil is formulated with three main ingredients: amla oil, henna and almond. Presumably it is almond oil which is used.

Amla hair oil products are noted for their effectiveness in improving smoothness, shine and luster of hair as well as reducing breakages and split ends with regular use. Henna, although primarily known for its use as a dye or hair color, is also a great herbal hair care remedy. Almond oil is a great moisturizer, not just for the hair but for your skin too.

Should I use the Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil?

If you loved what the Dabur Amla hair oil did for you but did not care for its smell, the Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil may have the balance right for you. It has a wonderful fragrance and the formulation retains most of the original’s effectiveness in conditioning hair.

The Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil is also great for people looking for a hair care product to help reduce hair fall and breakages. Many users find that regular use helps you gain smoother, shinier and healthier hair while also reducing split ends, breakages and hair fall to a bare minimum.


The Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil smells pleasant and combines the benefits of amla, almonds and henna in conditioning your hair. You should find that your hair becomes lustrous even after the first use. Long term use should grant you healthy, smooth hair with reduced hair fall or split ends. It has a very low price that is great for both regular users and people looking to try it out.


Just like the original formulation, the Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil is likely to cause a darkening in your hair color. Anyone that has light hair may wish to use it sparingly or find a substitute. It also likely contains mineral oil as part of its formulation and some people find that mineral oil does not work well for them or just feel averse to it.


The Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil loses some of the potency of the original Dabur Amla hair oil but more than makes up for it with its vastly improved fragrance. As a conditioner, it is very effective and regular use makes your hair visibly healthier. We consider the Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil a great bargain and definitely recommend you to try it out.
Manufactured By:
Dabur India Limited
Country of Origin: Product of India
Key Ingredients: Amla, Almonds, and Henna
Product Weight: 6.76 FL OZ (200 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Box

Weight 200.00 kg
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