Dabur Hajmola Imli 8.11 OZ (230 Grams)


Dabur Hajmola Imli –For the Love of Tamarind

Tamarind is popular for its thrilling flavor – tart, sweet and sour all at once – and is quite common in chutneys, or as flavoring in curry, barbecued meat and several other dishes. The Dabur Hajmola has a very distinctive taste that is salty, peppery, tangy and sweet all at once. The tamarind flavoring in the Dabur Hajmola Imli complements and blends with this taste really well, creating a flavor that is much more appealing for those unfamiliar with the taste of Hajmola. It is also a great favorite among those that love all things tamarind.

This jar contains 130 pieces of chewable tablets based on an Ayurvedic recipe that helps ease dyspepsia or indigestion and may aid in other stomach ailments.

The taste of Hajmola, while certainly much loved in the subcontinent, may be quite strange and unpleasant for those tasting it for the first time. The combination of ammonium and sulfate along with the peppery, salty and sweet taste may prove too much for many. The Dabur Hajmola Imli however has a taste that is much easier on the palate as the tamarind blends with, softens and overpowers the myriad flavors. This creates a more balanced taste that is appealing to a wider range of people than the regular Hajmola.

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Ingredients: Kalimirch (Black Pepper), Pippali (Long Pepper), Sunthi satva (Ginger), Nimbu satva (Lemon), Jeeraka (Cummin seeds), Samudra Lavan (Rock Salt or Halite), Sarkara (Sugar) Krishnalavana (Black Salt), Navsadar (Ammonium Chloride).
Product Weight: 8.11 OZ (230 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Plastic Jar

Weight 230.00 kg
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