Ajwain Seeds KhanaPakana Brand 2 LBS (0.9 KG)


KhanaPakana Ajwain Seeds 2 LBS

Ajwain Seeds:
Ajwain Seeds very commonly used in Indian and Pakistani Cuisines. These are the seeds of Trachyspermum ammi Plant and have aromatic smell and pungent taste. Ajwain is also known as Ajwain, bishop’s weed, Ajwain caraway, carom seeds, or Thymol seeds. Ajwain resembles parsley and features grayish color with egg shape. Its taste is very high in density that even a small amount of Ajwain gives a noticeable flavor to your dish.

Ajwain Seeds are known as first originated in Sub continent and Middle Eastern Region. Some sources shows that Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan are also the place of origin of Ajwain. In India, Ajwain is very common and that’s why it Rajasthan and Gujarat are producing Ajwain for India, and Rajasthan is producing 90% of the total Ajwain Consumption.

Health Benefits of Ajwain Seeds:
Ajwain Seeds are used due to their amazing taste and several health benefits. Many Families uses it as a home remedy for stomach disorder and digestive problems. A List of prominent benefits of Ajwain seeds are as follows:

Digestion problem and Flatulence: Ajwain has highest amount of Thymol than any other herb, all over the world. Thymol is considered as an effective chemical for stomach problems as it increases secretion of gastric juices to improve digestion. Additionally, it can also be used in indigestion, flatulence, nausea and colicky pain in babies.

Improves Digestion during Pregnancy: Ajwain is full of anti-inflammatory & curative qualities which helps relieves from constipation problems and improves digestion.

Anesthetic & Anti-Bacterial: Thymol gives more than on benefit to health and its presence in Ajwain Seeds make the, very powerful. Ajwain have Anesthetic, Anti-Bacterial and anti-fungal properties which relives Rheumatic & Arthritic Pain and keeps body healthy and protected.

Earache Problem: Ajwain relieves earache. If you use Ajwain with garlic and sesame oil, it relief earache due to boils. Using it with milk relieves earache due to congestion. Earache can be treated by using the minute in the form of ear drops.

Healthy Heart: Ajwain has been reported as a very good seed for the health of Heart. As it has Thymol with Niacin and a few vitamins, Ajwain improves and maintains nerve impulsion and blood circulation.

Cures hiccups: Ajwain is the best quick relief for Hiccups.

Ajwain for Acidity: As it improves digestive system that’s why it also mainstay and controls acidity of stomach.
Use 1 tsp. of Ajwain with 1 tsp. if Cumin (Jeera). Boil them in 1 Glass water and drink it for instant relief of acidity.

Migraines Pain: Ajwain is very good for Migraines. You can sniff its fumes and can also apply it on your head for the Pain due to Migraines.

Ajwain is also a very good source of natural fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Uses of Ajwain:

Ajwain is widely used as an instant reliever of earache, pain due to migraine, acidity and digestive disorders.

Indians uses it commonly for the relief of different problems as a home remedy.

Culinary Uses of Ajwain Seed:

In Eritrea and Ethiopia, Ajwain is very common ingredient of Berbere Spice Mix.

In India, Pakistan and Middle East, Ajwain seeds are commonly used in Cuisines.

In Punjabi regions of both India and Pakistan, Ajwain is used to make Ajwain Paratha.

Ajwain is also used to add flavor in meat and rice dishes of Indian and Middle Eastern Dishes.

In India and Pakistan, Ajwain seeds are also used in snacks, spicy biscuits, drinks, soups and sauces to add flavor.

In Pickling, it is used with Fenugreek, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, etc.

Side Effects of Ajwain:

Ajwain Seeds are not recommended to use in Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Ajwain is not recommended to use in Liver disease as it can make it worse.

Ajwain slows blood clotting process and that’s why it is recommended to stop consuming Ajwain 2-3 weeks before surgery.

Manufactured/Packed for:

Country of Origin: Product of USA

Product Weight: 5 LBS (2.26 KG)

Storage Instructions: Seeds must be kept in airtight containers and place in cool place, away from sunlight. It must be kept away from humidity also

Package: Packet

Weight 907.00 kg
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