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KhanaPakana Brand Sabudana 14 OZ

Sabudana or Sago KhanaPakana Brand:
Sabudana very popular in Indian regions. Peoples love to eat Sabudana in Khichadi form and also in Vada and Kheer. Sabudana is also known as Sago or Javvari. Sabudana is also used in the form of Flour. Nutritionally, it is not too much healthy. It has a few main and healthy elements but not full of vitamins and minerals. It has high amount of carbohydrates and also provides large quantity of calories to the body.

Sabudana or Sago by KhanaPakana Brand is full of pure, natural, fresh and clean Sabudana. Dry Sabudana In it is properly cleans and is packed in moisture free atmosphere. Read Sabudana Recipes at

To read further about Sabudana, its health benefits, its uses and its storage instructions, visit Sabudana Pack KhanaPakana Brand.

Manufactured/Packed for:
Product Weight: 14 OZ (396 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep them in an air tight and dry container. Purchase as needed. Do not mix the old and new stock. Keep it away from moisture, as little water can make the whole thing soggy thereby becoming unacceptable. It can however be stored for weeks or months.
Package: Packet

Weight 396.00 kg
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