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KhanaPakana Brand Moong Daal 2 LB

Moong Daal Split Mung Beans:
Moong Daal/Mung Beans have dark green color but when its skin is removed, it results in light yellow color beans. Split Mung Beans are split to make it quick to cook and easy to digest. Split Mung Beans are used in several Indian and Pakistani Cuisines. Besides this, Split Mung Beans are full of nutrition and provides several essential mineral and vitamins to your body. Not only in Pakistan and Indian, but also in other countries, Split Mung Beans are very famous in number of recipes.

Healthy Split Mung Beans:
Like other beans or lentils, Split Mung Beans are full of dietary fibers and proteins which improves health. Dietary fibers makes digestion easy and proteins in it fulfils the protein need of protein. Due to high amount of protein in them, Split Mung Beans can be used as an alternative of meat and that’s why perfect for vegetarians. With Proteins and Dietary Fibers, Split Mung Beans also has high amount of iron and low fats.

Split Mung Beans or Moong Daal which is free from dust and stones is considered as healthy Mung Daal. It shout also be free from debris and must be kept in air tight container to maintain its freshness and quality.

Health Benefits

Dietary Fiber in Split Mung Beans improves digestion.

Yellow Gram or Split Mung is a food source of Proteins.

Split Mung Beans has low fats but is full of Calcium and Potassium.

Daal Moong or Split Mung Beans has high amount of B complex Vitamins.

Unlike other pulses or beans, Split Mung is absolutely free from heaviness and tendency to flatulence.

Split Mung Beans or Yellow Grams can be used for sick persons as it is easy to digest.

Regular use of Split Mung Beans in childhood, pregnancy and lactation promotes health because of its nutrition.

Split Mung Beans controls cholesterol level of the body and also improves health of the heart.

Culinary Uses of Split Mung Beans:

Split Mung Beans is used in soups or khichdi to ill persons to improve their health.

Moong Daal recipe is famous in Pakistani and Indian regions in which different spices are used with Split Mung Beans.

Moong Daal is very quick and easy cooking.

Yellow Gram or Moong Daal is cooked with different Daal with chopped onion, tomatoes, chilies and ginger garlic paste.

Moong Daal Vadas are very popular in Pakistan and India.

Mung Bean Flour is used to make wrapping of Vietnamese spring rolls

Mung Beans are also used with meat, garlic, onion and bay leaves in Filipino cuisine

It is also used in Pesarattu, which famous crepes made in India.

Indonesian Cuisines also uses Mung Beans in their popular dessert snack

Mung Beans are used with Bananas and Milk to make Green Gram Payasam which is famous sweet in Tamil Nadu

Whole Moong Daal is used to make Moong Daal Dosa or Uttappams

You can read Famous Recipes which are available at Moong Daal Recipes at

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