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KhanaPakana Brand Black Eye Beans 4 LB

Black Eye Peas Lobia:
Black Eye Peas are very famous and very nutritious legume. These are also known as Lobia and Black Eye Beans. Black Eye Peas are Edible Cowpeas which are high source of protein, dietary fibers and other health vitamins and minerals. Due to high quantity of Proteins in them, US Department of Agriculture has included them in “Meat and Beans” section. Vegetarians and those peoples who prefer to eat peas or vegetables can fulfill their protein requirement from these Beans.

Black Eye Peas gives calories and also controls health. They maintain cholesterol level in your blood and also improve the health of your heart. These peas also control sugar level in your blood and that’s why they are recommended best for diabetes and cardiovascular patients.

Famous Black Eye Peas Recipes are available at Recipes of Black Eye Peas Lobia.

To read a comprehensive article on the health benefits and uses of Black Eye Peas, please visit Black Eye Peas 2LB Lobia KhanaPakana Brand.

Manufactured/Packed for:
Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 4 LBS (1.8 KG)
Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Packet

Weight 1814.00 kg
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