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KhanaPakana Brand Yellow Peas (Vatana) 2 LB

KhanaPakana Brand Vatana:
Vatana are very popular in Indian and Pakistani regions. Vatana is another name of Yellow Peas or Matar which belongs to the family of legume. Yellow Peas are tasty as well as healthy as there are several nutritional qualities in them. These peas have essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates which give energy as well as health. Vatana have a large quantity of dietary fibers which are considered as perfect for digestive health. Dietary fibers give strength to stomach and makes digestion easy.

Vatana can be used in different dishes. The most popular of these dishes are Peas Soup and Matar ki Daal. To read about more recipes of Yellow Peas Vatana, please follow the link to Yellow Peas 2LB KhanaPakana Brand.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 2 LBS (0.9 KG)
Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Packet

Weight 907.00 kg
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