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KhanaPakana White Urad Dal 4 LB

KhanaPakana Safed Urad Daal:
Original Lentils or Urad Daal has Black cover on it and that’s why it is named as black lentil or Sabut Urad Daal. But then the skin is removed the outcome is named as Safed Urad Daal or White Lentil. Ural Daal is widely used in India and Pakistan and many regions all over the world. Just like other Daal, Safed Urad Daal is filled with nutritional benefits and several vitamins, proteins and minerals. These vitamins, proteins and mineral are perfect for daily nutritional requirement of the body and that’s why it is perfect for vegetarians. It is substitute of meat and its taste is the reason of its popularity.

Peoples uses it commonly in their daily meals in Asian regions. They make different dishes of Urad Daal to boost up their taste buds and enjoy the taste of delicious and healthy diet.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 4 LBS (1.81 KG)
Storage Instructions: Store white urad dal in an air tight container.
Package: Packet

Weight 1814.00 kg
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