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KhanaPakana Split Pigeon Peas 2 LB

Split Pigeon Peas or Toor Daal:
Split Peas, also known as Toor Daal, are split seeds which belongs to the family of Fabaceae. Pigeon Peas are known to be first cultivated 3500 years ago in Indian Region. From Indian region, it spread to African regions and then to other parts of the world. Pigeon Peas originally have green color with skin but if the skin is removed, Yellow peas comes out. Split Pigeon also known as Gandule bean, tropical green pea, kadios, Congo pea, gungo pea, gunga.

Split Peas are used in the form of Toor Daal in Indian regions and is popular with the name of pea and is popular as Togari bele in Kannada and Tuvaram paruppu in Tamil. It is perfect for daily diet is have several nutritional benefits. Split Peas takes more time to cook than Moong or Masoor Daal.

Uses of Split Peas:

Pigeon peas are both a food crop and a forage/cover crop.

It can be used with cereals to make a balanced human food.

Perfect for vegetarians

It can be used with vegetables

In many areas, Pigeon Peas are used to make dish with rice.

It is also mixed with beef or chicken

Split Pigeon Peas is used in Thailand as a host for scale insects which produce lac.

Manufactured/Packed for:
Country of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 2 LBS (0.9 KG)
Storage Instructions: Clean the Toor Daal and remove the stones or any dirt particle. Oiling is up to one’ choice. However, then store Toor Daal for up to a year in a cool, dry place.
Package: Packet

Weight 907.00 kg
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