Swad Yellow Split Peas 4 LB (1814 Grams)


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Yellow Split Peas are part of the legume family. Split peas are husked and split in half. The Yellow Split Pea is about 1/4 of an inch wide and pale yellow in color. Split Peas have a mild flavor and soft texture. The Split Pea has more of an earthy flavor than the whole dried pea, similar to the lentil in versatility and nourishment.

Use: Split Peas are most commonly used in thick soups and stews. The peas break apart when cooking, adding to the texture of the soup. Split Peas can also be used to make dips and spread or they can be included with other ingredients in baked casserole or stuffing’s.

Best taste in town

Country of Origin: Product of Canada

Ingredients: Yellow Split Peas
Product Weight: 4 LB (1814 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Packet

Allergen Warning: This product was processed on machinery that also processes wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

Weight 1814.00 kg
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