Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free Herbal Tea


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Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free – Best for Diabetics and Dieters

What is the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free?

Due to the immense popularity of the original, the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free was launched to cater to the needs of diabetics and the calorie conscious crowd. Having all the same benefits and most of the same ingredients as the original, this sugar free variant has a food grade synthetic sweetener instead of the sucrose syrup base used in the original. You can also find the original Johar Joshanda as well as the Pure Honey flavored variant on our website.

The Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free comes in single use sachets which may be added to a mug of boiling water to prepare the healing herbal tea. It is also possible to mix it with coffee or tea if you prefer to take it that way. In any case, the manufacturer recommends to drink the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free while hot to maximize its efficacy.


A list of ingredients for the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free is given further below and is also printed on the box containing the sachets. The only real difference compared to the original, that we are able to identify, is the replacement of the sucrose sugar base with a food grade artificial sweetener.

Other than that it contains a mix of herbs including licorice, peppermint, eucalyptus, fennel and tea which create the wonderful aroma and taste of the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free herbal tea.


The Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free is suitable for diabetics and people that are controlling their calorie intake. It relieves flu, cold, fever, cough, catarrh and also clears up your sinuses to make breathing easier. The Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free has a genuinely aromatic fragrance and a lovely herbal taste.

While primarily meant as a herbal remedy for flu and related symptoms, it may also be used as a tasty beverage.


There are no drawbacks associated with using the Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free itself. It is largely a herbal product that has no side effects as far as we are able to determine.

The use of an artificial sweetener may be a cause for concern among some customers, however, there is no conclusive evidence that suggests that the use of artificial sweeteners may be harmful to health. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates the use of artificial sweeteners but they are considered safe for use. Similarly, health institutions such as the National Cancer Institute among others consider artificial sweeteners to be safe and non-carcinogenic.


For diabetics, the need to regulate blood sugar levels is paramount to their continual good health. The Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free is specially formulated with a reduced concentration of sugar carbohydrates to better accommodate the needs of people afflicted with diabetes. It is also great for people that wish to control their calorie intake or are actively dieting. The Qarshi Johar Joshanda Sugar Free is a delicious herbal tea that helps relieve flu, cough, fever and sinus blockages.

Manufactured By:
Qarshi Industrial (Pvt) Ltd.

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight: 0.9 OZ (25 Grams)
Quantity: 5 Sachet x 0.17 (5 Grams) Each = 25 Grams
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Directions for Use: Mix the contents of a sachet of Johar Joshanda in a cup of hot water, tea or coffee and sip it while hot. Take thrice a day or as directed by the physician.
Indications: Flu, Catarrh, Cold, Cough, Fever, Throat Irritation, Sore Throat, Sinus Blockage.


Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ext.

42.55 mg

Adhatoda vasika

21.27 mg

Hyssopus officinalis

21.27 mg


21.27 mg

Thea sinensis

10.63 mg

Soma kalpa

10.63 mg

Mentha piperita Ext.

2.86 mg

Foeniculum vulgare,Oil

2.38 mg

Eucalyptus globulus, Oil

0.77 mg

Weight 25.00 kg
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