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Masoor Daal Whole by KP Brand 4 LB

Masoor Daal Whole (Brown Lentils):
Masoor Daal Whole is also known as Brown Lentils or Split Lentils. It is pure and most common form of Lentils used in Indian and Pakistani Regions largely. Peoples loves the taste of Masoor Daal as its distinctive earthy flavor wakes up the taste buds and gives a lovely, tasty and nutritious experience to you. Masoor Daal or Split Lentils have a brown skin which is removed to get Red Split Lentils. Masoor Daal has a several nutritional benefits. It is full of proteins and dietary fibers which are essential for human health. 50 gram of Masoor Daal contains 11 gram of Proteins in it with 18% dietary fibers. Due to its contents, Masoor Daal has several health benefits and culinary uses.

Due to its nutrition, Masoor Daal is perfect for vegetarians as it meets their daily protein requirement which can be achieved by eating meat.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 4 LBS (1.81 KG)
Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Packet

Weight 1814.00 kg
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