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KhanaPakana Brand Yellow Peas 2 LB

Matar Yellow Peas:
Matar or Whole Yellow Peas are very famous Peas from legume family. They are also known as Arveja, Matar Dahl, or Gram Dahl. Whole Yellow Peas are more than 10000 years old eatable which has side of ¼ inch. It was originated in Middle East but now it is available all over the world and Canada now hold the title of largest exported of Yellow Peas all over the world. Yellow Peas are famous for their several nutritional benefits. These peas give large quantity of proteins and dietary fibers to the body.

In India, Pakistan and many other countries of the world, peoples love to use Yellow Peas due to their amazing taste and health benefits. Yellow Split Peas are often confused with Spilt Pigeon Peas (Toor Daal) or yellow Grans (Yellow Chickpeas) but Yellow Peas are different from pigeon peas or yellow gram.

Nutritional benefits of Yellow Peas:

Most of the legumes including Yellow Peas are full of Dietary fibers which are considered as an essential element for good digestion. Dietary fiber is good for stomach as they improves and eases the process of digestion of food.

Yellow Peas also have high amount of Energizing Complex Carbohydrates. These are perfect of food health and essential in our daily life.

B vitamin and other essential Minerals are necessary for health and Yellow Peas have enough quantity of these minerals and vitamins to support food health.

Yellow split peas also have energizing elements including protein and amino acid. These types of elements keep you healthy and strong.

It also has Tryptophan which build up the neurotransmitter or brain chemical serotonin which contributes a lot in maintaining your mood, sleep, hunger and appetite.

These peas also have vitamin B1 or thiamin in it which plays an important role in energy metabolism or converting the foods you eat into energy.

Folate in it improves the health of your heart, improves immunity system and prevents the birth defects. It also maintains and improves the function of red blood cells formation

In Addition to all elements listed, Yellow Peas also have phosphorus, potassium, calcium, molybdenum and manganese.

Uses of Matar Yellow Peas:

Peas are widely used in soups. In Europe, Peoples commonly uses Green Peas as well as Yellow Peas in “split pea soup” and Peas Pudding.

A dish named Matar ki Daal is very famous in Indian Regions. It is poplar because of its cheat price.

Yellow Split Peas are very popular in Guyana, Trinidad and Fiji Island as it is used to cook a delicious Daal similar to India Daal.

Peas are important ingredient of World famous Iranian dish Kufteh Tabrizi.

In Beijing, Yellow Split Peas are used in the preparation of sweet snacks.

Fava is a very famous dish of Europe in which Split Yellow Peas are pureed to make appetizer or meze.

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