Woodward’s Gripe Water Wind & Gripe Relief 5 FL OZ (148 ML)


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Woodward’s Gripe Water Wind & Gripe Relief 5 FL OZ

Use Of Gripe Water:

Gripe water is used for elimination of any kind of stomach or digestive problems of infants or very small babies. The gripe water is very effective remedy of the gastric and digestive problems of very small age children. Because of the very small age and very weak immunity system of little babies, it is just not possible to give them any high potency medicine. Besides it is difficult for so small babies to even consume medicines in thick liquid form. So it is necessary for them to give them medicines in the form of some very less viscous liquid. The gripe water is always prepared in quite less viscous liquid form, which makes it very easily consumable for little babies.

Cautions, Necessary For The Preparation Of Gripe Water:

There are quite a no of aspects, which the manufacturing companies of gripe water have to keep in consideration while the preparation process of gripe water. The very little babies have to consume the gripe water and thus it becomes very necessary for manufacturing companies to take very good care of hygiene of it. The immunity system of such small babies is always quite weak and they have to provide with such food or medicines, which would have been prepared under very strict hygienic conditions.

Woodward’s Gripe Water Wind & Gripe Relief:

The Woodward’s company keeps a very good name in the market of products for babies and different general use medicines & tonics. The Woodward is famous for the medicines and tonics for babies because this company extremely takes care of the conditions, under which the medicines & tonics for babies are being prepared. Company makes sure the very hygienic development of products, prepared under its name. This all care makes certain that the ready products are very safe and healthy for the health and cure of babies’ problems. Woodward’s Gripe Water has been specially prepared for the gastric and stomach problems of babies. It removes all kinds of problems concerned with the digestive system of very little children. The production of harmful gases and different kinds of pains in the stomach of babies, is a big cause of their often crying. At that moment, a little dosage of this gripe water relives the baby from pain or gas. If it is given regularly to children then it never allow the generation of harmful gases in the stomach of baby and besides it eliminates all those causes, which become the reason of pain in the stomach of a baby.

Symptoms of Stomach Wind:

• Stomach seem tighter than usual
• Stomach looks swollen
• When you tap it with your fingers, it emits a hollow sound.

Relief Baby of Stomach Wind:
You can relief baby of Stomach Wind or abdominal pain by giving him Gripe Water. You can also do massage on the abdominal area of the baby.

Dosage of Woodward’s Gripe Water:
• 1-6 Months old Child: 1 Teaspoon Full (5ml)
• 2 Month-2 years old Child: 2 Teaspoon Full (10ml)
• Above 2 Years old Child: 2-3 Teaspoon Full (10-15ml)
• Give dose up to 4 times in 24 Hours.

Ingredients in each 5 ml:
Terpeneless Dill Seed Oil 2.3 mg
Sodium Bicarbonate (B.P.) 52.5 mg
Preserve with Nipasept Sodium 0.15% w.v

Important Note:
• Woodward’s Gripe Water is Non-Alcoholic Gripe water
• It can be used by person of any age. It is specifically made for young children and babies.
• Woodward’s Gripe Water has no possible side effects but if your child has any worrying symptoms then you should immediately seek Medical Advice.
• After opening the bottle, consume it within 14 days and after that dispose it off
• Keep all the medicines away from your children

Manufactured By: SSL International Plc, Oldham, England

Country of Origin: Product of England

Product Weight: 5 FL OZ (148 ML)

Storage Instructions: Store in Room temperature. Keep it away from children
Package: Box

Weight 400.00 kg
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