Woodward’s Gripe Water 4.39 FL OZ (130 ML)


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Woodward’s Gripe Water 4.39 FL OZ

Woodward’s Gripe Water:
Gripe water is a very good thing for the babies and it is very effective for the purpose of removal of all kinds of gastric problems of any person. Woodward’s gripe water has been prepared while keeping this aspect in consideration that it has to be consumed by the babies. This gripe water has been prepared for those infants and new born babies, who are quite likely to face gastric problems. This gripe water is very effective for the purpose of immensely improving the general health of any person. This gripe water is a very effective remedy of all major health problems related to babies and it gives some extraordinary health benefits to the overall health of any baby. Besides the gastric and stomach problems of any baby, this gripe water quite effectively treat all health problems related to any baby.
The ingredients of this gripe water have been chosen after quite a lot of research and they possess proven ability of improving the health and digestive system of any baby. Woodward’s company has chosen very carefully the different ingredients for this gripe water and they are all very healthy and good for the health of any baby.
Benefits Of Woodward’s Gripe Water:

It is very healthy for the general health of babies and it saves them from many dangerous diseases

It is very effective against different kinds of digestive problems

It enhances the performance of urinary system of any person

It very comprehensively regulates the blood flow in the body of any person

Each 2 ml. (1 tea spoonful) Contains: Sarjikakshara-0.05gm, Anethum Graveolans Oil 0.005 ml, Sugar 1.10g, Aqua Added to make 5 Ml

Manufactured By: Promed Laboratories (P) Ltd.

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 4.39 FL OZ (130 ML)

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool place and away from sunlight.
Package: Bottle

Weight 130.00 kg
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