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KhanaPakana Brand White Chana 2 LB

White Chick Peas (White Chana):
White Chick Peas (White Chana) are Legume linked with the family Fabaceae and have the shape of wrinkles hazelnuts. It is known as the oldest form of legume which was first cultivated near 7500 years ago. Chick Peas mostly cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas where rainfall is more than 400 ml (16 inches) per annum. Chick Peas are cultivated on a large scale in Mediterranean, Pakistan and Afghanistan. With its nutty and creamy flavor, it gives amazing taste with several health benefits. It is most popular Legume as its taste is amazing and it can be used in different dishes.

Nutritional Benefits of White Chick Peas:
White Chick Peas are Nutritious with low fat in them. It is full of high amount of calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin C and Proteins and that’s why it is considered as a good source of health. 100 gram of White Chick Peas contains 119 calories with low fat, zero cholesterol, sufficient dietary fibers, and 4.99 grams of protein with 17.8% calcium, 12.5% vitamin A and 7.6% vitamin c.

Health Benefits of White Chick Peas:

Chick Peas are good source of dietary fibers which helps in digestion

Carbohydrates in Chick Peas are food for insulin sensitivity or diabetes patients

Chick Peas contains low fats and only have polyunsaturated fat

Protein and other minerals and vitamins in chick peas improves your health

Chick Peas are perfect source of energy for growing body and muscle building

Chick Peas are heavy for stomach to digest and can cause flatulence.

Uses of Chick Peas:

Chick Peas are cooked with different spices and vegetables to make curries

Chick Peas are also boiled and then cooked to serve with White Rice

Chick Peas can be used with salads or cooked in stews

These Peas can be grounded into a flour which is known as Chick Pea Flour, Gram Flour or Besan. This flour is then used in different recipes to make different things

Chick Peas are very popular in Iberian Peninsula

In Portugal, These peas are used to make hot dishes and soups

Spanish peoples uses Chick Peas in tapas and salads

Hummus with olive oil is very popular in which chickpeas paste (cooked and ground into a paste) is mixed with tahini, sesame seed paste. More than 5% of Americans love to consume Hummus on regular Basis

Leblebi is also very popular Arab dish in which chick peas are roasted and then mixed with spices

In India, Chana Masala is very dish.

Halua of chickpeas is very famous in Bangladesh as a sweet dish

Chick Peas have high amount of minerals and vitamins, that’s why it is used to feed animals

There are very popular White Chick Peas recipes, Visit White Chick Peas Recipes to view.

Important Note: Chick Peas are heavy to digest. It can cause pain in old Peoples or Children with weak stomach.

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Country of Origin: Product of USA

Product Weight: 2 LBS (0.9 KG)

Storage Instructions: Always store dry beans in a dry airtight container at room temperature.

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