Vrindavan Pure Cow Desi Ghee .473 Litre (16 Fl OZ)


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For Centuries in Asia, Ghee, or pure butter oil, has been the standard of excellence in fine cooking, Ghee’s flavor is unmatched. that’s why it is widely used by gourmet chets throughout the world. Because of its amazing resistance to spoilage, ghee does not require refrigeration. Ghee is an unrefined, pure product, free from bleaching, additives or preservatives.

100% Pure Cow Ghee

Manufactured By:
Pure Foods Inc.
Country Of Origin: Product of U.S.A

Ingredients: 100% Clarified Butter
Product Weight: .473 Litre (16 Fl OZ)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Glass Jar

Weight 900.00 kg
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