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KhanaPakana Urad Chilka 2 LB

KhanaPakana Urad Chilka Daal:
Urad Chilka Daal is very popular in Indian and Pakistani peoples because of its appetizing taste. Urad Chilka Daal is known as Black Lentils, Black Gram and Vinga Mungo. It is the original form of Urad Daal and have black skin (Chilka) on white lentil. Urad Chilka Daal is a popular Daal of South Asian regions. It is not only popular for its taste but also for its benefits. Urad Daal is considered as one of the best alternative meal for meat and that’s why it is most suited for vegetarians. It is best alternative because it has a large amount of proteins with essential minerals and vitamins which fills the daily requirement of the body.

Urad Chilka Daal gives several health benefits. To read the details about the benefits of Urad Chilka Daal, you can visit the link for Sabut Urad Daal Whole 2LB KhanaPakana Brand.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 2 LBS (0.9 KG)
Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Packet

Weight 907.00 kg
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