Tiger’s Balm


Tiger Balm 0.63 OZ

Tiger Balm:
Tiger balm don’t require much introduction as it is among the most famous herbal balms available in market for the purpose of relieving a person from different body pains, muscles pinching and aches. This balm is very effective and it keeps proven and very significantly quick healing ability for the sufferer of pains and aches. Tiger balm has been prepared with herbal ingredients and its preparation has taken place under very high quality conditions and standards of manufacturing. The tiger balm is very good and effective for those athletes and players, which often have to face muscular pains. They are supposed to keep tiger balm in their easy approach for the purpose of relieving themselves from hurting muscular pains and it produces relief quite quickly, which is very much required for an athlete.
How It Supposed To Be Applied?
The users are supposed to apply it on the muscle, which would be creating hurting. The small quantity of this balm is supposed to be applied after regular intervals on those muscles, which would be producing pains or aches with the help of gentle massaging of it on pain producing muscles. If the pain persists then the users are supposed to use this balm continuously till the suffer gets complete relief from the pain or ache.
Need Of This Balm:
People often encounter or get hit by some hard obstacles. Athletes and players are also often fell down in playing grounds or fields, which hurt their muscles quite badly and they started to feel a lot of pain in their muscles. For athletes and players, it is very necessary to get rid of this pain and hurting effect, as early as possible because they have to get back quickly in playing area. At this situation, athletes and players are required to use tiger balm, which would eliminate their pain quite quickly & effectively and make them able enough to get back in field, abruptly.
The ingredients or constituents used in tiger balm are herbal and they don’t possess any harmful effect for the delicate and sensitive skin of users. The included ingredients of this product have been selected after necessary research and the ingredients of tiger balm keep proven ability of healing the muscular pains and aches, quickly.
Some Key Benefits:

Very effectively removes muscular pains and aches

It provides quick relief from pain

It has been produced with herbal ingredients and thus possesses no harmful effects for the delicacy of skin

It provides relatively cheap remedy as compared to other medicines available for pain relieving purpose

This balm has been prepared with such ingredients, which can’t be consumed as food. The ingredients of this balm are dangerous for health and should be kept very away from the approach of children. It can be very dangerous for the health of children if they would consume even a little quantity of it. So it is very much required for the users to keep this balm away from the possible approach or reach of children.
Ingredients: Podina Tail 16%, Cajuput Tail 13%, Kapoor 11%, Pudina Ka Phool 8%, Lavang Tail 1.5%, Ointment Base q.s
Manufactured By: Elder Health Care Ltd.
Country Of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 0.63 OZ (18 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in cool place
Package: Box

Weight 18.00 kg
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