Three Rivers Arq Mako 8.11 FL OZ (240 ML)


Three Rivers Arq Mako 8.11 FL OZ

Three Rivers Arq Mako:
This arq Mako is very pure and beneficial for the overall human health. It is true that arq Mako keeps quite considerable importance for the overall health of any person but it is especially good for the digestive system, urinary system, stomach, kidneys and purification of blood. The regular use of this arq Mako keeps the above mentioned diseases away from the body of any person. It is also very effective for the heart, stomach and chest inflammation. The use of this arq Mako in summer season keeps the severe thirst away and it saves a person from dehydration due to sweating.
Benefits Of Rivers Arq Mako:

It can be taken without any disease because the regular use of this arq keeps the various diseases away from the body of any person

It very significantly reduces the heart and stomach inflammation and correct their functions

It is very helpful in removing all the troubles of digestive system

It very effectively cleans the kidneys of any person

It very adequately purifies the blood of any person


Effective in relieving the inflamation of liver, stomach, intestine, spleen and uterus.

Relieves excessive heat of body and is effective as a diuretic.

useful in dropsy and liver diseases.

For Common Use: For each 10 ml, wt. of herbs taken befor extraction, processing and blending.
Dosage: 40 ml (1/4 tea cup) twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Manufactured By: Zubsa Enterprises (Three Rivers Brand)
Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight: 8.11 FL OZ (240 ML)
Storage Instructions: Store in a Cool Dry Place
Package: Box

Weight 240.00 kg
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