Swad Masoor Matki (Whole Baby Lentils) 2 LB (907 Grams)


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Swad Masoor Matki (Whole Red Lentils) Also know as: Lentille, Lense, Lenteige, Adas, Masoor, Mercimek, Saabat Masoor, Desi Masoor, Masoor Matki, or Crimson.

These lentils are crimson, which is a deep orange-red color. Whole Red Lentils are tiny lens-shaped pulses which have traditionally been used as a meat substitute. (A pulse is the dried seed of any legume, such as beans and peas. Lentils are the seed of a small shrub and are dried after harvesting.) Lentils have been eaten and originated in South-western Asia along the Indus River. They are a staple food for many South Asian cultures.

Like all lentils, they’re really healthy – a great source of protein and fiber – and a great winter ingredient. They retain their shape when cooked, and have a wonderful, nutty, earthy flavor. They need no presoaking, only simmering in liquid for about 30 minutes – a light stock is good, water is fine. Then, when still warm, toss with the flavors you want them to absorb: they’ll drink up the perfumes of herbs and spices, or aromatics such as garlic or celery leaves, to create an immensely comforting, satisfying result.

Best taste in town

Country of Origin: Product of Canada
Ingredients: Lentils (Crimson)
Product Weight: 2 LB (907 Grams)
Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Packet
Allergen Warning: This product was processed on machinery that also processes wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

Weight 907.00 kg
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