Supreme Soniya Herbal Henna Mehndi 5.29 OZ (150 Grams)


Mehndi which is also Famous as henna in the Western World, is not the product of present era. Peoples of India are practicing using Henna for thousands of years. Henna is a Natural product which is the crushed form of Henna Plant leaves. It is used as skin decoration as well as for Hair coloring. It is considered as the best alternative of the commercial dyes. In contrast with Commercial hair Dyes, it is very cheap option to dye your Hair and is also not harmful to hairs.

Henna also conditions Hairs but if it is used with some other Herbs like, Amla, Shikakai, It shows great results.
Supreme henna introduced Supreme Henna Mehndi which is Herbal Henna for Hair that makes your Hair Darker, Smooth & Shiny. It contains Natural and pure Henna and many other herbs which nourishes your Hair, make them thick and beautiful.

Natural Henna, Aritha, Amla, Shikakai, 2 Nitro, PPD & other natural Herbs

Method Of Application:

Soak Supreme herbal Mehndi in water for 30 Minutes.

Apply Mehndi paste gently with the brush.

For Best result, wait for 2-3 hours

Regular use of Supreme Herbal henna Mehndi nourishes your Hair, protect form Dandruff, prevent hair loss and give shiny and silk look to your Hair.

Note: Not to be use for Eyebrows or eyelashes.





Manufactured By: Supreme Henna

Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 5.29 OZ (150 Grams)

Storage instructions: Keep in Cool & dry Place.

Directions: Packet
Package: Packet

Weight 150.00 kg
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