Rafhan Strawberry Custard Powder 10.58 OZ (300 Grams)


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Rafhan Strawberry Custard Powder 10.58 OZ

Rafhan makes the best desserts and helps consumers celebrate all their special moments in a delicious and wholesome manner.
Enjoy life with the mouth watering sweetness of Rafhan Desserts.

Delicious Rafhan desserts for all occasions

Manufactured By:
Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Ingredients: Corn Flour, Artificial Strawberry Flavor, Food Color
Product Weight: 10.58 OZ (300 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Directions: Box
Package: Box

Rafhan Strawberry Custard Powder

1. Make a paste with two tablespoon of Rafhan Strawberry Custard Powder by adding a little portion from half litre of milk.
2. Mix four tablespoons of sugar (do not add too much sugar) to remaining milk to boil.
3 .Add the paste to the boiling milk while stirring continuously with the spoon (Preferably a wooden spoon). Delicious Rafhan Strawberry Custard is ready.

Weight 300.00 kg
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