PHM Rahat Special Cone Mehndi 1.05 OZ (30 Grams)


PHM Rahat Special Cone Mehndi 1.05 OZ

Every woman around the world love to decorate herself. Most of them use different styles of clothing with different jewelry to make their selves more beautiful. But there are a large number of women who also uses Henna and make designs on their body. Henna is made up of natural herbs. It has no harmful chemicals in it. It does not have permanent stains and the darkness of the color depends on the time, it stays on skin.

For BAQ (Body Art Quality), Tattooing and decorating skin, Henna is applied using syringes, cone tubes, Jac bottle and in some cases by finger. But the easiest and clean method is to use cones.

PHM Rahat Special is the bestselling Cone Henna product of Pakistan. It does not have any harmful chemical in it and only contains natural Henna. It has freshly made Henna paste in it which provides better coloring.

Manufactured By:
Pak Henna Merchant (PHM)

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight: 1.05 OZ (30 Grams)

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool & dry Place

Package: Cone

Weight 30.00 kg
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