Patak’s Major Grey Chutney 12 OZ (340 Grams)


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Patak’s Major Grey Chutney 12 OZ

Major Grey’s Chutney:
As the name shows, Major Grey’s chutney was created by an Army Officer of British Army in 19th century when British were ruling sub-continent. It means that it is also named as an Indian Chutney. Major Grey’s Chutney is made up of mango, onion, vinegar, and several spices and sweets. It has a very good sweet and tangy taste with the touch of spices.

It became too much popular in British Army and also the peoples of Indo-Pak region. Peoples started to use it with their foods. Some also started to trade it outside Indian region. British peoples also use it very frequently.

Patak’s Major Grey’s Chutney:
Due to the increasing demand of Major Grey’s chutney in British countries, many companies started to sale ready made major Grey’s Chutney to decrease tension of making it by their selves. In UK Patak’s major Grey’s Chutney is the most popular brand. Patak’s provides the original taste of Major Grey’s chutney with no artificial flavor at all.

Now, several restaurants in UK and America are offering pure Indian dishes but if you want to make it at home then you should definitely go for Patak’s Products.

What’s special in Major Grey’s Chutney?
With the sweat taste of mangoes, Major Grey’s chutney has ginger and spices which gives a juicy luscious flavor to you.

Is Major Grey’s chutney natural?
Patak’s Foods is committed to provide natural and healthy food products to its customers. All of its products are natural and Herbal. Patak’s Major Grey’s Chutney has also only natural and healthy herbs and ingredients in it. It is safe and has no reported side effect. It also does not have any artificial flavor in it.

Ingredients: Sugar, Mango (37%), Salt, Ginger (2%), Spices, Acetic Acid, Garlic, Citric Acid & Ginger Oil.

Important note:
Major Grey’s Chutney have mustard extracts in it. It may also have the traces of peanuts or tree nuts.
It is suitable for those who like to eat vegetables.

Manufactured By: Patak’s Food’s Ltd.

Country of Origin: Product of UK
Product Weight: 12 OZ (340 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Glass Jar
Nutritional Values Per 100g

Calories: 214kcal

Protein: 0.5g

Carbohydate: 51.8g

Sugar: 51.1g

Fat: 0.2g

Saturated Fat: 0.1g

Fibre: 1.0g

Sodium: 1.5g

Salt: 3.7g

Weight 700.00 kg
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