Patak’s Korma Curry Sauce 10.23 OZ (290 Grams)


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Patak’s Korma Curry Sauce 10.23 OZ

What is Korma?
Korma, also known as Azid, is a Asian dish which was first cooked in Mughal Kitchen in 16th century. Its origin is Sub-continent. Korma is one of the most favorite dishes of Pakistani and Indian peoples. Korma is a curry which is made up of chicken or vegetable with addition of several spices, yogurt, coconut milk and nuts. In the past Korma was only eaten in Asian regions but due to increasing demand in peoples outside Asia, it became necessary for Restaurants to add it in their dishes to satisfy their customers.

Korma has spicy taste but it varies according to the type and quantity of spices added in it. In UK, Korma is made in a thick and creamy form with many nuts in it.

Patak’s Korma Curry Paste:
Patak’s Food has started to make Korma Curry just after the increasing demand of Korma in Restaurants Several countries. With true India Taste, Patak’s Korma Curry refreshes the taste of pure Indian Korma in your mind. Now, you can eat Korma Curry in your Home without ordering to any restaurant.

Patak’s Korma Curry Paste has creamy coconuts, spices and coriander which makes a thick, creamy curry Korma. It is 100% natural and zero artificial flavor or chemical in it. It can be used for 6 months after opening.

Patak’s Korma Paste has Desiccated coconut (10%), Vegetable oil, Sugar, Concentrated tomato puree (6%), Ginger, Coriander (4%), Cumin, Salt, Acetic acid, Turmeric, Garlic, Paprika, Maize flour, Spices (contain mustard), Lactic acid, Dried coriander leaf and water

Benefits of Patak’s Korma Paste:

Pure taste of India without any artificial additive

Full of benefits

According to the international standards

Free from Gluten

Suitable for the peoples who have celiac disease

Easy meal Solution

Important Note:

Patak’s Korma Curry have mustard

It may have the traces of peanut or tree nuts

Fee from artificial colors and flavors

Suitable for Vegetarians

Manufactured By: Patak’s Food’s Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of UK
Product Weight: 10.23 OZ (290 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Glass Jar
Nutritional Values Per 100g

Calories: 219kcal

Protein: 3.0g

Carbohydate: 11.2g

Sugar: 8.8g

Fat: 17.0g

Saturated Fat: 6.1g

Fibre: 6.2g

Sodium: 1.32g

Salt: 1.2g

Weight 600.00 kg
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