Patak’s Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste 10.40 OZ (295 Grams)


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Patak’s Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste 10.40 OZ

Kashmiri masala Curry:
Kashmir is known as the place of heavy meat eaters since ancient times. Meat, especially mutton, is considered as the major part of their cuisine. Most of the meat dishes are tasteless without curry. Curry is a mixture of spices, herbs and chilies which is used to give taste to food. It is considered as a main ingredient of cooking in Asia. Kashmiri Curry, like Indian curries, is equally popular in Indian Restaurants of UK and America. With vivacious taste, Kashmiri Masala curry gives an outstanding touch to food. Kashmiri Curry is full of hot chilies and spices to make dishes more flavorsome.

Patak’s Kashmiri Masala Curry:
With the true taste of Indian cuisine, Patak’ Food offers Patak’s Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste. It is full of chilies and spices which are freshly preserved in Oil. It is not for any specific dish and can be used in several dishes. It is a blend of spices commonly used in Kashmiri cuisines which gives you the real Kashmiri food’s taste.

Patak’s Foods claims that they only use natural and original ingredients in its product which means that all of its product including Kashmiri Curry Masala gives the original Indian taste. It not only gives taste but also health due to healthy ingredients. It has no reported side effect at all.

Benefits of Patak’s Kashmiri Masala:

Chili Hot with Garlic

Original taste of Kashmiri cuisine

Creates a Marinade

Quick & Easy Way of cooking

Gluten free paste

Suitable for vegetarians

Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Water, Chili (19%), Garlic Powder (10%), Salt, Coriander, Spices (contains Mustard), Ginger, Acetic Acid.

Kashmiri Curry Masala Paste have mustard in it.
It may include traces of peanut or tree nuts.
This product should not be consumed directly. Cook is before use.

Suggested Recipe: Goan Fish Curry

Serves 2

1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil

1 Medium Onion, Diced

15g – &frac110; jar Patak’s Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste

2 Cod or Haddock Steaks

200g Fresh or Canned Chopped Tomatoes

100ml water

2 tsp. Fresh Chopped Coriander Leaf (optional)


In a medium sized pan, gently fry the onions in oil until golden.

Stir in Patak’s Garam Masala Paste, add chicken and stir fry until sealed.

Add tomatoes and water, mix well and cover pan. Simmer on a low heat for 20mins.

Serve garnished with chopped coriander leaf (optional).

Equally delicious with lamb, beef, fish or vegetables.

Manufactured By: Patak’s Food’s Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Product Weight: 10.40 OZ (295 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Glass Jar

Nutritional Values Per 100g

Calories: 244 kcal

Protein: 4.9g

Carbohydrate: 4.0g

Sugar: 2.6g

Fat: 22.5g

Saturated Fat: 1.8g

Fiber: 12.4g

Sodium: 1.33g

Salt: 0.6g

Weight 500.00 kg
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