Patak’s Hot Mango Chutney Spicy Mango Preserve 12 OZ (340 Grams)


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Patak’s Hot Mango Chutney Spicy Mango Preserve 12 OZ

Patak’s Hot Mango Chutney:
Mango chutney is a food product which made up of sweet mangoes and different spices. It is most commonly and widely used chutney in Indian and Pakistan. Mango Chutney is so tasty that peoples all over the world love to eat it. Patak’s Foods offers the same mango chutney which you normally eat in India or Pakistan or in Indian food restaurants. Patak’s Hot Mango Chutney gives a hot and spicy chutney with the sweetness of mangoes.

History of Mango Chutney:
History shows that Chutney has been in use of mankind for thousands of years. Mango Chutney was originated in India with green mangoes and some other herbs and spices.

Is Mango Chutney Natural?
Hot Mango Chutney by Patak’s foods is made up of 100% natural and original salt, spices, sugar, mango and other ingredients. Mango in this chutney is preserved in sugar and spices which gives outstanding taste. Mango Chutney is normally served as a Indian meal accompaniment but it can also be added in curries to make them more tasty.

Pros of Patak’s Hot Mango Chantey:

Original Indian Taste

No additive at all

Suitable for vegetarians

Can be used with salads, cold meats ort cheese.

RECIPE: Chutney Cheese Dip

Serving size: 2 ½ cups
Heat level: Hot

½cup of Patak’s Hot Mango Chutney

1 (8oz) package of soft cream cheese

1 (8oz) container of plain yogurt


In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese and yogurt until well blended.

Stir in chutney. Serve with assorted crackers or fruit/vegetable for dipping. Making 2 ½ cups. Store chilled.

Ingredients: Sugar, Mango, Salt, Spices, Acetic Acid, Garlic, Dried Red Chile Peppers. It may Contain Traces of Peanut & Tree Nuts

Manufactured By: Patak Food’s Ltd

Country Of Origin: Product of United Kingdom

Product Weight: 12 OZ (340 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Glass Jar

Nutritional Values Per 100g

Calories: 216kcal

Protein: 0.5g

Carbohydrate: 52g

Sugar: 51.5g

Fat: 18.6g

Saturated Fat: 0.1g

Fiber: 1.0g

Sodium: 1.6g

Salt: 3.9g

Weight 700.00 kg
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