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100% Pure & Fresh Amla Fruit Powder – The Natural Way to Good Health

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is truly a nutritional powerhouse. It is one of the powerful superfoods with rich sources of Vitamin C, calcium, and iron that provide amazing health benefits. Organic Veda has created 100% pure, natural, and organic Amla fruit powder to deliver all the amazing benefits of this wonder fruit directly to you in its most potent powder form. It is made from the freshest Amla fruits that are dried at a low temperature to retain all naturally occurring nutrients. Our Amla Powder is jam-packed with beneficial antioxidants effective in promoting cellular health and neutralizing the free radicals. From supporting a healthy immune system, flushing out toxins, improving better metabolism, digestion, and skincare support, Amla can do wonder with your overall health.



A Great Source Of Vitamin C and potent Antioxidants*

Helps Keep Your Skin Radiant And Healthy Naturally*

A Natural Way To Boost Your Immune System*

Effective Cleansing and Detoxification Support*

Help Boosts Metabolism*

Supports Healthy Weight Management*

Helps Maintain Healthy Nervous System & Circulatory System

Promotes Healthy Digestive System*

Helps Improve Heart Function*

Helps Boost Energy, Stamina & Strength*

Contains Essential Nutrients for Healthy Bones & Strong Teeth*

Helps Maintain Better Vision & Good Eye Health*

Naturally Rejuvenates Your Whole Body*

Boost your immunity with the richest source of vitamin c

Unlike synthetic vitamin C, Amla fruit is wholly natural and an organic source of Vitamin C. Loaded with high potency natural Vitamin C on the planet; Amla is jam-packed with highly potent bioflavonoids and other health-promoting nutrients. Amla fruit contains 20 to 25 times more vitamin C than oranges. High in fiber, Vitamin C, E, and polyphenols and low in sugar, Amla fruit is also an abundant source of calcium, magnesium, carotene, Vitamin B complex, and iron.

A wonder superfood for all your nutrition needs

Amla Fruit powder is a nutritional powerhouse. It is a rich source of natural Vitamin C and polyphenols and contains abundant amounts of naturally-occurring minerals, protein, fiber, and essential amino acids. This tiny nutrient-dense fruit is also high in Calcium, iron, phosphorus, Vitamin B complex, Carotene, and plant compounds with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. High in tannins, alkaloids, and tannins, Amla is an all-natural source of most powerful antioxidants you can find anywhere.

Loaded with powerful, natural antioxidants

Amla Plant is considered sacred because of its amazing health-enhancing properties. Native to India, Amla is your most potent source to get natural Vitamin C, flavonoids, tannins, and potent antioxidants – nature’s free-radical fighters. Feed your brain and body with the highest quality antioxidants and get rid of health problems. Nothing can beat the humble Amla fruit when it comes to potency, quality and amount of antioxidants present in any superfood.

Boosts your immune system and detoxify your body naturally

Organicveda Amla fruit powder contains Vitamin C in a highly bio-available form. Vitamin C is exceptionally useful in helping to strengthen blood vessels and to improve your overall immunity. It is one of the most beneficial nutrients to help your arsenal to fight against infections and toxins.

Improve your heart health naturally

Amla fruit powder nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle, supporting blood circulation and a healthy supply of oxygen to the system. It aids in detoxifying and cleansing the circulatory channels and enhance the overall functioning of the heart with its rich antioxidants.

Look better and feel better with healthy glowing skin

Organicveda premium quality Amla fruit powder can achieve this for you. Add it to your beauty regime or consume it with water; there are plenty of ways to enhance your beauty with this humble superfood. Its antioxidant properties help slow down the aging process of the skin and support healthy aging benefits. It also adds a natural radiance and tones your skin with a brighter complexion. Amla detoxifies the body from inside to reveal fresh, healthy, flawless and younger-looking you on the outside.

A Research-Backed Way to Improve Your Gut Health

Organicveda easy-to-digest Amla powder is excellent for your digestive system because of its high fiber content. Whether you’re looking for a cure to treat your constipation or an effective remedy for stomach ulcers or hyperacidity, our pure and fresh amla fruit powder is your best friend.

The Amazing Health Benefits and Natural Goodness of Amla Powder

The potent antioxidants and a unique set of phytonutrients in Amla fruit powder support healthy weight management and hair growth. It also promotes detoxification, protection against oxidative damage while helping you get rid of harmful toxins in your body. Organic Veda’s 100% pure and clean Amla Powder boosts immunity, energy levels, vision, digestive health, and infuses a new vitality in the body and mind. Amla powder supplementation can keep your heart healthy, skin glowing, healthy hair and metabolism razor sharp. Consuming amla powder is a great and easy way to get all the essential nutrients naturally.

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Organic Amla Fruit Powder

Directions for Use:

Mix ¼ to ½ teaspoon with water or fruit juice or smoothie

once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.


Dairy – Soy – Wheat – Corn – Artificial Sweeteners – Gluten – Colors Artificial Flavors – Preservative – Synthetic Nutrients – Starch – Fillers

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