Nirav Falafel Sauce 229 Grams (7.74 OZ) 220 ML


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This full-flavored sauce is a puree of green chillies, onions, fresh coriander leaves, tomato paste, garlic, salt, vinegar and spices. Use as a dip with felafel, a Middle Eastern deep fried croquette made of chick peas and spices.

Manufactured By:
Indian Groceries & Spices, INC.
Country Of Origin: Product of U.S.A
Ingredients: Green Chili, Dehydrated onion, Coriander leaves, Tomato paste, Garlic, Corn oil, Citric acid, Salt, White vinegar, Spices, Sodium benzoate, FD&C Red No 40
Product Weight: 229 Grams (7.74 OZ) 220 ML
Storage Instructions: Keep Refrigerated after opening
Package: Glass Jar

Weight 229.00 kg
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