New Reshma Henna Light Brown Toffee Colour 5.29 OZ (150 Grams)


Reshma Henna Rogue/Burgendy Color 5.29 OZ

Reshma Henna Rogue/Burgendy:
Henna is the most precious gift of nature. It is the best Natural colorant plus Hair conditioner. It can be used to color hair without getting effected and it is also used for skin decorating and tattooing. Lawsonia Plant, also known as Henna Plant, is a tropical scrub which has Lawsone in it. Lawsone is the ingredient which has coloring abilities. Leaves of this plant are dried and then crushed to make powder which is known as Henna Powder. It is also a natural coolant which maintains the skin temperature.

Reshma Henna is also made up of these healthy and natural leaves of Lawsonia Plant. These leaves have been obtained from the farms of India which is famous for good quality Henna production. It is famous in different parts of the world due to its good quality. Reshma Henna gives Rogue/Burgendy color to your hairs. There are several fake Reshma products in the market that’s why only authenticated retailers have right to sell original Reshma Henna.

Qualities of Reshma Henna:

100% natural, made up of the Fine Quality Henna

No Chemicals are added in it

Act as a natural Conditioner for hair

Make Hair soft and silky

Rogue/Burgendy color Mehndi

Removes Dandruff, reduce hair fall and improves hair growth

100 Grey Cover

Also for Decorative Due on Palms & Feet

Manufactured By:
Aarav International

Country of Origin: Product of India

Method to use: Take Reshma henna powder and add water in it gradually. Mix it to make a thick paste. After that, wait for 1-3 hrs for better results. Apply the paste on your hairs, especially on gray hairs. Let it dry and wait for 1-3 hrs. Wash your hair shampoo and also use conditioner.

Product Weight: 5.29 OZ (150 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: Box

New Reshma Henna Light Brown Toffee Colour 150 Grams (5.29 OZ)


Weight 150.00 kg
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