Moti Luxury Bath Sandal Soap 28.57 OZ (810 Grams) (Pack of 6)


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6 Pack of Moti Luxury Bath Sandal Soap

Luxury Bath Soap

Sandal Based Soap

Amazing Sandal Aroma

Keeps you perfumed all day

No allergic reaction

Moti Soap:
Moti Soap is one of the most popular Soaps in India Peoples. Since 1980s, Mori soap is providing superior quality luxury bath soaps to its India Customers. Previously, it was also known as the best soap for upper class. Not only its price was the reason of tis popularity, but its quality also offers the best bathing experience.

Now, Moti Soap is famous for its herbal formulation and amazing fragrance which not only provides several skin benefits but also refreshing fragrance to the body.

Moti Luxury Sandal Soap:
With Herbal blend of Sandal, Moti Luxury Soap brings amazing benefits to skin with beautiful Sandal scent. Sandal in Moti Soap is fresh and healthy which rejuvenates and replenish skin. It keeps skin clean and removes skin tanning. It increases the texture, complexion and beauty of the skin and its Sandal Aroma keeps you fresh and active. Mori Luxury Sandal Bath Soap is free from harmful chemicals and is only based on advance healthy formulation.

Benefits of Sandal Extracts in Mori Soap:

Sandal is effective in soothing irritation of the skin

It is natural Antiseptic

It relives prickly heat

It removes impurities from skin to keep it healthy

It increases the softness and smoothness of the skin

Sandal is the best anti-sun tan and anti-ageing agent for the skin

It refreshes skin and boost up skin cells

Amazing Sandal Aroma keeps you fresh

Natural Moisturizer for skin

Is Moti Sandal Soap safe?
Moti Luxury Sandal soap has natural Sandal extracts which are perfectly suitable for all types of skin. Sandal does not have any allergic reaction even on Sensitive skin.

Manufactured By:
Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 28.57 OZ (810 Grams)

Quantity: 6 Soap Bars x 4.76 oz (135 Grams) = 810 Grams

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 810.00 kg
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