Mother’s Recipe Lime Pickle Mild 1.2 LB (575 Grams)


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Discover the taste mother’s recipe of tradition with mild – Mother’s Recipe! It – 1.2lblth is a taste pickle mild so authentic that lime pickle it instantly takes pickle mild you to the what health traditional regional kitchens, mild – where for generations health promotion grandmothers would lovingly health promotion make pickles. Mother’s recipe lime Recipe Lime Pickle promotion wmother’s is made from recipe lime sun-ripened plump limes recipe lime blend with spices wmother’s recipe to form a what health tangy and spicy wmother’s recipe combination. This age-old what health recipe is a promotion wmother’s fine way to what health introduce your family lime pickle to a delectable mild – culinary delight.

Manufactured by: Desai Brothers Limited
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 19.2 OZ (575 Grams) 1.2 LB

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Pakage: Jar

Weight 850.00 kg
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