Minakshee Henna 8.5 OZ (240 Grams)


Minakshee Henna 8.5 OZ

What is Henna?
Henna is a natural ingredient which is made up of dry leaves of henna Plant. Henna plant is grown in tropical regions. Henna stains hair and skin but it do not have any side effect. It nourishes hair, act as a cooling agent on skin and makes hair stronger. Henna plant is also known as Lawsonia. India is famous for Henna growth.

Is Henna dye dangerous?
Henna only have natural ingredient Lawsone. It makes a layer of color around the hair and do not damage its shafts. It maintains the moisture of the hairs. It means it is 100% safe to use on hairs.
On skin, it only stains and nothing else. Some peoples have allergy with Henna, these peoples should avoid using Henna. Peoples of Asia are using it for more than 5000 years because they know that it is safe.

How long does the Henna color last?
Henna color on skin last from 1-4 weeks. On hair, the color can last from 1-3 weeks.

Where did Henna Grown?
History of Henna is connected with Asia. It is mostly grown in regions of Africa, southern Asia, and northern Australasia in semi-arid zones Middle East.

Henna vs. Commercial hair Dye?
Henna is 100% natural and safe hair dye. It does not have any side effect on skin and hair. On the other hand Commercial Hair Dyes have toxic chemicals in them which can damage your hair and in some cases can cause severe infection on scalp.

Using Henna For Tattooing:
Using Henna for tattooing is very famous. Peoples of India and Pakistan Uses it to decorate their hands & feet.
Minakshee henna is the best option for Henna Tattooing. It is very famous to use on Hands & feet. It is made up of natural Henna leaves that’s why it provides natural and good quality color.

Manufactured By:
Minakshee Henna Products
Country Of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 8.5 OZ (240 Grams)
Quantity: 12 Piece
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place. Protect from direct sunlight
Package: Box

Weight 240.00 kg
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