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Masoor Gota by KhanaPakana 4 LB

Masoor Gota Whole Red Lentils:
Masoor Gota is Whole Red Lentils which is obtained by removing the greenish brown skin of Masoor Lentils. Masoor Gota is amazingly tasty with delicate, nutty flavor. Masoor Gota is used in number of India and Pakistani cuisines as it gives taste with many health benefits.

Masoor Daal has a long list of benefits. Filled with dietary fibers and Proteins, Masoor Daal assures easy digestion of food with improved health. If is loaded with high amount of proteins which makes it one of the best substitute of meat. If you are vegetarian than Masoor Daal is the best source of protein for you. Masoor Gota can be cooked in different ways by using different spices, vegetables and other Daal.

For detailed information about the benefits and uses of this product, visit Masoor Daal 2LB Red Split Lentils KhanaPakana Brand.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 4 LBS (1.8 KG)
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