LUX Fresh Splash With Cooling Mint & Sea Minerals 100GM


Lux Fresh Splash with cooling mint and sea minerals 100 GM:

Need of a cooling and refreshing soap:
During travelling through local transport service, people have to face a lot of things, which put very negative effects on the face skin of any person. The things, which put negative effects on the skin of any person can be dust or pollution particles, mixed with own sweating. The situation might get much worse, if the face skin of any person is oily. At this situation, the face of any person starts to look dim & dull and a bad image and texture of face appears. This may start itching on the face skin and the person, who is in that situation started to feel uncomfortable. Face sweating in particular, snatch all of the freshness of any person. At this situation, a person is required with such kind of soap, which could do deep cleansing of skin and could restore back the glow and natural brightness of face. Besides, the soap should have the ability of producing cooling and freshness on the face.

Effect of cooling and freshness of face:
Most of the people feel very relaxed and pleasant when their face would be clean and there would be a feel of cooling and freshness on the face. This soap has mint in it as well, which is very famous for its cooling feel and effect. The contents of mint, when mixed with the original contents of Lux soap then cause to produce such a soap, which could restore back the freshness and natural feeling very quickly. After coming back from their work, many people feel very dizzy. After washing their face from this soap, this soap can restore back their freshness and give them the energy to enjoy the rest of the time of the day, with their families. The mint contents keep the ability of restoring back the freshness of any person very quickly and they produce such good cooling feel on the face, which keeps its effect on the face for quite longer duration.
Manufactured/Packed for: Hindustan Unilever Limited,
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 100 Grams
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Weight 100.00 kg
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