Jamila Henna Superior Quality Fresh Henna 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)


Jamila Henna Superior Quality Henna 3.5 OZ

What is henna?
Peoples of Sub-continent (Pakistan and India) are using Henna for more than 5000 years. They use is to color their Hairs, Skin and nails. Henna is made of from the Dry Henna leaves which are Tropical Scrubs and are normally cultivated in the dry climatic regions of Pakistan and India.

What is Jamila Henna’ Superior?
Jamila Henna is made up of 100% natural Henna leaves. In contrary to other dyes, Jamila Henna Superior has no negative effects on skin and Hair. It is completely made up of natural Henna, is free from any harmful chemicals and a better option for dying in comparison with Toxic Hair Dyes. It is needle less Henna and easy to apply.
100% pure natural henna powder (for hair) with no additives.

Why would I prefer Jamila Henna’ Superior?

Hair Dyes have Toxic dyes in them which can damage your skin or hairs badly. Henna Powder is completely safe for skin and Hairs and there are no any chemical added in it.

They are natural dyes and thus provide good quality color to your hairs.

If you are afraid of damaging you’re your hair by dying them with Toxic Chemical Dyes, then Henna would be the best choice for you.

Some Henna does not provide same extent of color on Hair as they provide on Skin. Jamila Henna Superior provided the same level of color on skin as well as on hair.

How To Use?

Complete Guide for making the Paste of Henna is provided in The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices. Short overview of the steps is as follows:

Get a Pack of Henna Powder.

Take the powder according to your need.
(Note: 4 tablespoons for normal Hairs. More may be needed for longer, thicker hairs)

Add Hot water as required in it. (Enough to make a paste)

Wait for 30 mins at least get better color.
(Note: Henna has darkish-red color and if you wish to change the color, you will have to add more ingredients in the paste. Guide to change the color will be available in this article below)

After 30 mis. Apply it on a few hairs and test whether you are comfortable with it or not. Some peoples do not feel comfortable with henna, and it you also feel discomfort and stop using Henna.

The result of the Henna is dependent on your Hair Color. Example, If you have black hair, you will not feel too much change in your color. Your hair will give darker look with a reddish shade visible in sun light. You have to use Henna again to have more visible Color. In short, person with dark hair cannot change the color of his hair into Blonde but a person with Blonde color hair can change the color into dark color.

If you are comfortable with the color apply it on every strand of your hair. Make it sure that every strand of hair is cover with the paste. Don’t forget to use gloves otherwise; your fingers and nails will also dye.

Take a plastic cap and Wrap it around your head. You can also use an inexpensive shower cap for it. After that, cover the cap with a hot, damp towel.

Wait for at least 1 Hour and after that wash your Hair with the Shampoo and use conditioner. But if you need darker color, remove the Towel and leave I covered with cap for a night. Remember, more time you will give, more color you will get.

After washing your hair, you have to apply hair oil onto your scalp.

Adjusting the Color:

To get color other than the natural reddish color of Henna, You need to use something like Amla powder to change the color.

Amla powder is a natural dye. It is an olive-green powder which is made up if the fruits of the Indian gooseberry tree. The fruit is safe to eat, and also have many qualities in medical point of view.. It has ability to reduce level of cholesterol, prevent hair loss, strengthen roots of the hair and can be use as a treatment of fevers.

You can directly apply Amla powder on to your hair. If you use it with henna powder, it would provide a darker reddish-brown dye.

Indigo powder can also be used with Henna powder to get “henndigo’ (Dark brown to off- black color). To get Deep Black and Shiny Hair, Apply indigo paste immediately after applying and rinsing a henna treatment (2-step process).

Hibiscus petal powder is another dye herb which can be used individually to get more burgundy or deeper red influence.

Warning: For external use only. Do not use in the area of eyes. Do not use on cut or abraded scalp.

Many people are selling fake Henna products which are not Jamila Brand’s products. Jamila Brand is only available on the authenticated retailer shops. You are recommended to Purchase it form them.
Many Sites misled their customers by mislabeling their Henna products, making claims that the “henna for hair, is a “BAQ”, but is not. You can test the Henna by simply making a paste and applying it on to your skin. Wait for the results, if it only has light stain that do not last longer, it is not “Body Art Quality” or Henna used for tattooing.

Manufactured By:
Abid & Company (Pvt) Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 100.00 kg
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