India Gate Basmati Rice Classic 10 LBs


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A marvel of KRBL ingenuity and Himalayan earth wind and water, India Gate Classic is an exotic new class of Basmati. It embodies not one or two or three but all the attributes of true basmati: smooth, pearl white grains-extra fine, extra-long. On cooking, the grains fluff up to more than twice the original length; and won’t break or stick together. The aroma is delicate; and the taste sweetly delicious. Add it all up, and you have a basmati that’s beyond compare.

True basmati

Smooth, pearl


Taste sweetly delicious

White grains-extra fine

The aroma is delicate

Cooking method

Open pan: In a large cooking pot, bring water to rolling boil. Add the drained rice and stir gently. Cook uncovered for 6-7 minutes on medium heat. Drain and rinse with more boiling water. Strain excess water and serve.

For best results:

Soak the rice for 30 minutes in lukewarm water prior to cooking

Use a large cooking pot with wider base giving rice maximum space to expand

Do not prepare large quantity of rice in small pot

Aged rice: Why aged rice? For basmati to flower in all its unique attributes, it must be matured for at least one year. The result on cooking, the grains double in size, won’t break or stick together; and release a characteristic aroma. The two-colour pyramid on this pack in our guarantee that you are buying India Gate Basmati Rice Classic has been carefully aged for two years.

Country of origin: India

Product Weight: 4.54 Kg (10 LB)

Packaging: Bag

Weight 4540.00 kg
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