Hoyu Bigen Permanent Black Brown Hair Color #58 0.21 OZ (6 Grams)


Hoyu Bigen Permanent Black Brown Hair Color #58 0.21 OZ

Ammonia Hair Color:
Commercial Hair dyes are very effective in coloring but they are not safe. More than 70% of the women of America get their Hair dye and most of them use commercial hair dyes for it. They dye their hair in order to cover their grey hair or for fashion purposes. But they do not know the after effect of these Hair dyes. Most of the commercial hair dyes have Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide in them which are extremely harmful for scalp and hair. These chemicals can damage hairs and can cause permanent scalp infections.

Ammonia Free Hair Color:
For good and less harmful Natural looking hair coloring, Hoyu Bigen is the best option. Bigen permanent Black color gives you a long lasting permanent hair color without any side effect. The thing that makes it unique is that there is zero Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide in it. It has been made after careful research and testing by the Experts. It is in powder form which is very easy to use. You just have to mix it with water and apply it on your hair.

Benefits of Hoyu Bigen Permanent Hair Color:

Long Lasting: Beautiful and True-to-Life color last long

No Harsh Color: Bigen Contains No Ammonia

Easy To Use: Just Mix with Plain water. No Hydrogen Peroxide is required

Economical: Bigen is easy to be divided for several uses

Natural Essence: Contains Seaweed & Oriental Berry Extracts

A leaflet is added in the pack of Hoyu Bigen hair color which will give you instructions to use it. Read Enclosed Directions Carefully before use.

Manufactured BY: Bigen Chemical Co.

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 0.21 OZ (6 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Caution: The ingredients in the product may have Allergic reactions on the skin. It does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of KhanaPakana.com. Test it before usage or consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

Weight 6.00 kg
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