Himalaya Herbal Bright White Toothpaste 175 Gram


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Himalaya’s Bright White toothpaste is a breakthrough herbal formulation based on plant enzyme technology that gently removes surface stains on your teeth. It contains papain and bromelain, enzymes present in Papaya and Pineapple, which safely whiten teeth. Miswak and Clove provide all-day freshness and a radiant smile.

Key ingredients:

Miswak or Peelu, is a teeth cleaning twig from the Salvadora persica tree for a clean feeling like never before.

Menthol from mint oils gives long-lasting fresh breath.

Almond, contains tannins, possess free radical scavenging properties.

Pineapple contains a natural enzyme, bromelian, which helps remove surface stains on the teeth.

Papaya contains an enzyme, papain, which is a mild whitening agent.

Cinnamon helps prevents mouth odor and freshens breath.

Product Weight: 175 gram

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place.

Package: Tube

Weight 175.00 kg
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