Hemani Sesame Oil 1.01 FL OZ (30 ML)


Hemani Sesame Oil 1.01 FL OZ

Latin Name: Sesamum Indicum Linn
What is Sesame oil?
Sesame oil, also known as Gingelly or Till Oil, is a very beneficial vegetable oil which is extracted from Sesame Seeds. It is edible oil which is used as cooking oil in Indian Regions. Sesame Oil is also used to add flavor in Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Properties of Sesame Oil:
Sesame Oil is compose of Palmitic, Palmitoleic, Stearic, Oleic, Linoleic, Linolenic and Eicosenoic. As it is full of nutrition, that’s why it has several uses in medicines. Sesame Oil has many Ayurvedic uses. It has been proven very beneficial in many scientific researches. Researches has also shown that Sesame Oil is full of anti-oxidants and polyunsaturated fats.

Sesame seed oil is known as the queen of oils and is used as healing oil for thousands of years.

Hemani Sesame Seed Oil is 100% natural.

Brand of the year

Live natural

Uses of Sesame Oil:

Sesame Oil is in use since ancient times. It is one of the most famous and earliest known crop based oil. It is very popular in Asian regions. It is used in Chinese and Indian foods. It is best for deep-frying. Chinese also uses it in meals for women during postpartum confinement.

Its traditional uses in Indian regions are scalp, hair and body massage. In the making of ayurvedic drugs, its use is very common. It also has some religious importance in Hinduism as it is used in performing Puja in Temples.

Sesame Oil is used as a solvent in injected drugs or intravenous drip solutions, and cosmetics carrier oil. Sesame Oil is also used in the making of some soaps, paints, lubricants, and illuminants.

Sesame Oil also has medicinal uses. It is a sources of Vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, iron, calcium, zinc and Anti-oxidants. It has low level of cholesterol with Magnesium, copper and calcium in it. It is used in the medicines for vascular and respiratory problems. It is also used in medicines for colon cancer, osteoporosis, migraine, and PMS.

Sesame Oil promotes bone health and helps to control blood pressure. It is also used to treat anxiety, nerve and bone disorders, poor circulation, lowered immunity and bowel problems. It is also very effective oil to control vaginal Yeast Infections and to cure vaginal dryness.

For Skin, Sesame Oil is also very beneficial. It nourishes the cells of skin. Research in Maharishi International College in Fairfield, Iowa, has shown that rinsing mouth with sesame oil kills 85% of the gingivitis bacteria. It act as a UV protector and also provides relief against skin burn. It keeps scalp moisturized and prevents dandruff.

Sesame Oil is natural and have no harmful effect on health. But in some cases, it may have allergic reactions on health. Statistics shows that approximately 1% of the total users of Sesame Oil have Allergic reaction.

Hemani Sesame Oil:
Hemani Sesame Oil is a natural Sesame Oil which is extracted from Sesame seeds according to the latest and modern extraction processes. It is 100% natural and have no other ingredient. It has countless on health. It can be used in foods and can also be used as a massage oil. Its qualities makes it antiviral and inflammatory oil with ability to maintain the cholesterol level of the body. It is full of vitamins, minerals and other healthy components.

Benefits of Hemani Sesame Oil:
Hemani Sesame oil is the product of the brand which is awarded as brand of the year award due to its remarkable products. It benefits varies according to the purpose of use. It treats skin problems, prevent dandruff, treat different health disorders listed above and also used in foods as a cooking oil. It has no harm on health except some allergic reaction (exceptional cases).

Known as naturally antiviral and an inflammatory agent

Helps in fighting against common skin fungi, such as athlete’s foot fungus

Useful during sinusitis and migraines

Helps maintain cholesterol level.

Helps joints keep their flexibility.

Useful massage oil

With Hemani Sesame seeds oil, we have generated our best efforts and used latest technology in order to get the best quality of sesame seeds oil.
Our Objective is: To provide the best quality product for healthy life.
Note: To ensure best condition, store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: It only contains Sesame Seed Oil in it.

Manufactured By:
Hemani International KEPZ

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 1.01 FL OZ (30 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place.

Package: Box

Weight 150.00 kg
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