Hemani Black Seed Oil Kalonji Oil 30 ML


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Botanical Name: Nigella Sativa
What is Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil?
The Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil is a dietary supplement that is made of oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds. There are no additives or preservatives in this product, it is completely unadulterated and pure. The Nigella sativa plant, its seeds and the oil extracted from them have been popularly used as herbal remedies for centuries in many parts of Asia.

In recent years, the level of scientific interest in Nigella sativa has greatly increased as various studies have shown its efficacy in treating, preventing or alleviating various disorders. The Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil is meant to be used as a dietary supplement and although suitable for cooking or eating, it is very rarely used as such. This is due to the naturally pungent and bitter taste of kalonji oil.
Black seeds also known as black cumin, are historical famous for being one of the greatest healing herbs with a history of more than 2500 years. In the past it was famously used as a nutritional supplement.

Hemani Black Seed oil is 100% natural.

“Black seeds cures all illness except Death”

Historically famous for its healing abilities, Black Seeds oil is suggested for a healthy life.

Live Natural

The seeds are cold press (expelled) and are solvent free.

Black Seeds oil has numerous beneficial properties, some are listed below:

This herb has been used for ages in Middle East, Africa and South Asia as a remed for allergies, inflammation, purification of blood and strengthening the immune system.

Effctive against diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, Neuropathies and poor digestion.

Used for relieve incongestion and it acts as a general tonic to boost immune function.

Famous for enhancing blood circulations.

Regular usage has shown that black seeds oil controls blood pressure and cholestrerol as well.


The Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil range is made purely out of Nigella sativa or black seeds. Free from any sort of additives or preservatives, this product offers you the full gamut of advantages that pure black cumin or black seed oil has to offer.

Why opt for Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil?

A number of brands offer pure black caraway or black seed oil, so customers may find it difficult to narrow their choices down to one. In terms of price, packaging and quality of the Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil, there is very little to separate it from any of the brands of kalonji oil that we carry. Perhaps the only thing to separate the Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil from the rest is that it is made by an established name in the herbal products industry.


Using the Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil daily may provide you with a range of healthful effects. The oil contains complex chemical compounds that have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. Pure Nigella sativa oil, such as the Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil has also been show to help with respiration, gastrointestinal processes, reduce stress and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It has also been shown to have an anti allergenic effect due to its functioning as an antihistamine.


There are no downsides to using the Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil, however, black seed oil is known to be pungent and bitter so it may not be the most pleasant thing to drink. Additionally, external application of black seed oil may cause contact dermatitis.

Additionally, as this is a pure or essential oil, it is recommended to be taken in the advised doses to avoid any ill effects.


Those in search of herbal treatments or alternative medicines will likely identify black seed oil as an excellent option, it has numerous scientifically validated benefits and is available for a fairly low price. The Hemani Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil) is an excellent choice for those that are doing so and it is available in three different sizes 2.03 fl Oz (60 ml), 3.38 fl Oz (100 ml) and 8.45 fl Oz (250 ml).

Brand of the year award

Live natural

Recommended Dosage: One teaspoon daily with Meal. It can be mixed with juice or other beverages to get better taste.
With Hemani Black Seeds oil, We have generated our best efforts and used to latest technology in order to get the best quality of Black Seeds oil.
Our Obejective is: To provide the best quality product for healthy life.
Note: To ensure best condition, store in a cool dry place.
Product Weight: 1.01 FL OZ (30 ML)

Manufactured By: Hemani International KEPZ
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Ingredients: Blackseeds Oil
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place.
Package: Box

Weight 150.00 kg
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