Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil 3.38 Fl OZ (100 ML)


Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil 3.38 Fl OZ

Nigella Sativa is known by many names in different parts of the world, these include black seed, black cumin, black caraway, kalonji, habat el-baraka, al-haba el-sauda and kalonji among others. The oil made from the seeds of this plant, most commonly known as black seed oil or kalonji oil, has been historically quite popular as a form of alternative or herbal medicine in many parts of Asia and Africa.

In recent years, scientific research has confirmed that Nigella Sativa or kalonji oil may indeed be effective for a number of conditions that it is commonly prescribed for, in Ayurveda and other alternative or traditional medicine systems.

The Hemani Black Seed Kalonji Oil is pure, unadulterated and undiluted. It comes in three different volumes: 2.02 fl oz (60 ml), 3.38 fl oz (100 ml) and 8.45 fl oz (250 ml). On this page, you can get the 3.38 fl oz version which is packaged in a tin box.

Nigella Sativa extracts, most of which are likely present in the Hemani Kalonji Black Seed Oil, have been found to be antioxidant, anti allergenic, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and beneficial to your respiratory, circulatory, digestive and immune system according to a plethora of studies.

While the Hemani Black Seed (Kalonji) Oil is meant as a health supplement, it may also be applied externally. Nigella Sativa oil is widely believed to help reduce hair fall and hair loss while making your hair healthier. It should be noted that the use of pure kalonji oil such as the Hemani Black Seed (Kalonji) Oil may cause contact dermatitis.

For a comprehensive overview of this product, you can visit the page for 2.02 fl oz (60 ml) pack of the Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil.

Manufactured By:
Hemani International KEPZ
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Ingredients: 100 Ml each of black seeds oil
Product Weight: 3.38 Fl OZ (100 ML)
Storage Instructions: Store in a Cool & Dry Place
Package: Tin

Weight 100.00 kg
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