Godrej Natural Black Expert Powder Hair Colour 0.63 OZ (18 Grams)


Godrej Natural Black Expert Powder Hair Colour 0.63 OZ

Hair Dye
Almost every women of the western world like to color her hair. In America, almost 75% of the women dye their Hair. But Hair dying is not a problem. The problem, is whether the product you are using to dye your hair is safe for your or not. Most of you would be surprise of this statement. But, it is true; most of the Commercial Hair dyes in the market have many toxic chemicals in them. These Chemicals can damage the hairs as well as scalp and in some cases, they can cause serious injuries or permanent Hair loss.

What’s Different in Godrej Hair color?
Godrej natural Hair colors are not like commercial hair dyes. These hair colors are designed after the research of several years. In contrary to commercial Hair Dyes, it do not have ammonia in it. It had PPD in it but only 3% which is very less than the standard set by European Union. It means, it is safe to use.

Is it Good for me?
Is effect depends according to the skin and its sensitivity. It may have some allergic reactions with sensitive skin. For this, always perform Hypersensitivity Test before using it. Almost 48 hours before the application of the paste, test it on the skin behind the ear after washing that area. If there is no burning, itching, reddening or swelling, it can be considered as safe. Product is not for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows, so don’t try it. Try so may cause blindness. Do not use it on the scalp if it has cuts or some other abrasions on it.


Godrej Hair Color contains PPD in it. PPD (P-Phenylenediamine) is not more than 3%.

It is 100% ammonia free hair dye product.

It is especially designed for 100% grey coverage.

It provides long lasting color.

Color Lock Formula

Natural Looking Hair

How to Use?
Mix required quantity of powder with the paste and apply it on the hair you have recently washed. Wear gloves during application. Wait for 30minutes and then wash your hair.

Manufactured By:
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 0.63 OZ (18 Grams)

Quantity: 6 Sachet X 3 Grams Each Sachet = 18 Grams

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Dark Place

Package: Box


Only for use on cranial (head) hair.

Do not inhale or ingest.

Keep out of reach of children.

If it comes in contact with eyes, immediately wash your eyes with clean water and consult doctor if necessary.

Weight 18.00 kg
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