Godrej Expert Liquid Hair Dye 1.35 FL OZ (40 ML)


Godrej Expert Liquid Hair Dye 1.35 FL OZ

It seems like Hair coloring in one of the favorite practices of women of Western world. According to the statistics, more than 75 % of American Women dye their hair. But it isn’t famous only in West. Concept of coloring Hair is originated from Asia and then it spread all over the world.

Effects of Ammonia:
There are many Hair dye products in the market but most of them have toxic chemicals like ammonia in them. Ammonia is a corrosive (Acidic) substance. It opens the hair shaft to allow the color to enter in the hair and so can damage the Hair. If it touches the skin, it reacts with the skin and the results are injurious and fatal like chemical burn.

Ammonia free Hair Color:
Godrej Expert Liquid hair Dye is also a commercial dye but not like other chemical dyes. It is Ammonia free hair dye and thus is not harmful. It has been designed after the decades of research and expertise in understanding the texture of Hair.

It Godrej Healthy?
Godrej Expert Liquid hair Dye is especially for Grey Hair. It Locks the color and makes it long lasting. It contains only 2% PPD in it which is much lower than the standard of 6% set by European Union. The thing which makes it unique is its five qualities which will protect your hair from damage during coloring and also make them shiny.

Five Qualities of Godrej Expert:

Natural Color: maintain the level of shade on every strand of Hair and make them look more beautiful.

100% Grey Coverage: Easy application of color on all the hairs and 100% grey coverage.

No Ammonia: Ammonia free Hair coloring means safe coloring of your hair.

Long Lasting: Locks the color which will last for a longer period of time.

Perfume: Pleasant Fragrance does not irritate you


This product may not be compatible with every one due to the ingredients added in it.

If you have irritation of Allergy problem with it, try to avoid it or test it first.

Don’t use it on eyelashes or eyebrows, doing so may cause blindness.

It is only for external use.

Manufactured By: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 1.35 FL OZ (40 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 40.00 kg
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