Dulhan Henna Powder (100gms) 3.5 OZ


Dulhan Mehendi Deluxe Henna Powder 3.5 OZ

Dulhan Henna Powder:
This powder is a very special henna powder and it has been specifically prepared for the purpose of making beautiful designs on the hands and feet of those women or females, who are going to get married. The aspect of quality of this henna has been kept in special consideration because of the fact that this henna has to be used by brides. The brides can’t take the risk of using such material or designing henna on their skin, which can deteriorate the beautiful and delightful look and feel of their hands and feet skin. This henna is just perfect for making very beautiful designs on the hands and feet of brides and besides, other females and women can also use it for making delightful designs on their hands and feet skin.
Quality Of Dulhan Henna:
Dulhan Henna is very superior quality henna and it has been prepared after necessary research on its ingredients. During its preparation, the manufacturing company has taken keen care of the standards and conditions under which it has been prepared.
Other Purposes Of Dulhan Henna:
There are many other purposes for which this henna can be used like it can be used for coloring of grey hairs. For coloring purpose, Dulhan henna needs to be applied for quite long time on the head hairs, which allow this henna to does some very good nourishment of head skin and hairs, also. Consequently, the users can’t only color their hairs by using Dulhan henna but they can also use it as a nourishment agent as well.
Why It Can Be Applied For Longer Durations On Head?
Normally, the hair care products can’t be applied for longer durations on head because most of the hair care products are being prepared with artificial or harmful chemicals. Dulhan henna is all natural and there is no artificial or harmful chemical or ingredient in it. The all natural contents of this henna makes it very suitable for its long time application on the head of any person. Long duration application of dulhan henna on the head of any person, gives it proper chance of necessary and much required nourishment of head skin and head scalp. Henna is enriched with the essential nutrients and vitamins for the health of head skin.
Some Key Benefits:

Extremely natural

Produce dark and beautiful henna design color

Design color proves to be long lasting i.e. doesn’t wash off quickly

Can be used on head for coloring grey hairs

Its application on head does very proper nourishment of head skin as well

It removes all the problems of hairs and head skin, also

Its use eliminates the need of any other hair care product

Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Box

Weight 100.00 kg
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