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Rose Water & its importance?
Rose Water is a natural water which is obtained form rose petals. It is not directly obtained from petals. It is a by-product which automatically extracted in the process of Rose Oil Production. Rose Water was first produced by a Muslim Chemist in the Islamic Golden Age. Rose water is a very common product for the use in foods and medicines. It also has Religious importance in Asia and Europe.

Cortas Rose Water:
Cortas Rose Water is made up of natural Ingredients in it. Rose water in it is taken from the healthy and fresh rose Flowers and no additives or artificial fragrance is added in it. It is the gift from Lebanon to all over the world.

Uses of Rose Water:
Before the flavor of Vanilla in 19th century, Rose water was extensively used for food flavoring in America and Europe. Rose Water is highly used to add flavor in different sweets like nougat, Taahat & Baklava. It is also used with Zamzam Water, to clean the Holy Kaaba, the Qibla of Muslims. In Muslims and Zoroastrian, it is also used as perfume on different religious ceremonies.

Beside the use of Rose water in food and medicines, it is also very famous as a cosmetic product. It is used as a moisturizer for skin.

Many peoples use it as an eye drop, to clear their eyes. Using rose water in eyes soothes irritation of eyes. It relieves burning, running, swelling and inflammation of eyes. Sometimes eyes turned into red and for this Rose water is the best solution.

Benefit of Cortas Rose Water:

Natural Product

No Side Effect

Multiple uses

Several health benefits

Best for flavoring of foods

Natural moisturizer for skin

Is Cortas Rose Water Safe?
Cortas Rose Water contains 100% pure and natural Rose Water in it. It is free from artificial falvors, chemicals and any preservative in it. Because it is based on natural extracts, ti safe and have no side effect on skin or health. You can use it without any tension.

Ingredients: Distilled Rose Water

Manufactured By: Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Company

Country of origin: Product of Lebanon

Product Weight: 10.14 FL OZ (300 ML)

Storage Instruction: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Plastic Bottle

Weight 520.00 kg
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