Brylcreem Anti Dandruff with Lime Extract (250 ML)


Brylcreem Anti Dandruff with Lime Extract 4.22 FL OZ

What is Brylcreem?
Brylcreem is basically the name of the brand which makes hair styling product for men. It has been very popular in men after its first product launched in 1928. First hair styling product of Brylcreem was pomade. Now Brylcreem has many Gel, Wax, Clay and Cream Products in the market.

Cream Vs Gel:
Hair styling Cream is a thick wax. It is considered better than Gel. Gel is basically water based hair styling product and is good for those who like wet look. Cream makes your hair soft looking and also shiny. Both Cream and Gel will be harmful for Hair if they are low standard. Famous brands offer good quality gels and creams.

Brylcreem Anti-Dandruff With lime Extract:
Brylcreem is now available in antidandruff formula which makes your hair dandruff free. Lime is also added in it to increase its effectiveness. Lime controls Dandruff, prevents Hair loss and promotes healthy Hair growth. It gives refresh, shiny, smooth and different look to your Hair. It is not like other hair styling products in the market. It is free from greasy properties and keeps your hair fresh for several hours.

Benefits of Brylcreem with Lime Extract:

Removes Dandruff from your Hair

Gives smooth look to your Hair

Non-Greasy Formula

Prevent Hair loss

Keeps your look fresh for several hours

Best for Short, Sharp & Masculine style

How to Use?

Before using Brylcreem, wash your hair and dry them.

Use a little amount of cream and apply it using your fingers.

Run fingers in a way you want to make style.

Tips & Warnings

Use reasonable quantity of cream for hair styling. Using more than required will not give desired look

For classic look, use comb after applying cream on your hair

Anti-dandruff Brylcreem will remove dandruff with time

Brylcreem with Lime extract will enhance hair growth and reduce Hair fall

Manufactured By: Sara Lee Body Care

Country of Origin: Product of Indonesia

Product Weight: 4.22 FL OZ (125 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Plastic Jar

Weight 250.00 kg
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