Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream 0.70 OZ (20 Grams)


Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream 0.70 OZ

Need of this cream:
It has been seen that people often encounter with quite a lot of minor and serious injurious in daily life. The injuries or skin cuts may happen due to a no of reasons like the women have to work a lot with knives and men have to work with machinery having sharp edges, corners, teeth and plates. The injuries arise due to cuts from sharp metal tools and machinery elements are most likely to get septic within very small time. The industrial machinery is used to be quite rusty, which can not only make the skin cut, septic but the septic injury can cause much trouble due to the potential danger of intense infection. Very much like this, injuries or wounds, doesn’t matter from which source they come on the skin can prove to be very dangerous, if one would not do proper arrangements of their proper healing and safety from septic sources.
Other available creams:
There are a lot of creams available in the market for the cure of injuries and wounds but there is no guarantee that up to which level they provide safety against the septicity of skin cuts. Many creams do not provide enough safety against the open skin cuts. So it is very necessary for people to get a very reliable cream for the quick healing of their wounds and injuries because for the matters of health, one should not compromise on quality.
Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream 0.70 OZ:
This cream has been specially prepared for providing people with a very effective solution of their problems like skin cuts, wounds and cut marks. Having special antiseptic properties, this cream contains the contents, which helps in very quick healing of wounds and injuries. This cream is specifically recommended for those people, who want that their operation cut should heal up very quickly.

Smoothens Chapped Lips

Cures Cuts & Wounds

Softens Elbows & Abraded Skin

For Cracked Heels & Nipples

Softens Nail Cuticles

For External Use Only

Rapidly heals stithes after operations

Cures general skin infections

Smoothens dry & chapped skin

Manufactured By:
GD Pharmaceuticals Private Limited,
Country Of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 0.70 OZ (20 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in a Dark Cool Place
Production And Expiration Period: 3 Years from Date of Mfg
Package: Tube

How To Use:
1. Clean the skin well and then apply Boroline – gently massaging in the cream.
2. Warming up Boroline and using it in molten state increases its efficacy – specially in curing skin infections.
3. In case the cut is open and deep, it is advisable to apply Boroline only when the cut has closed and begun to dry up. During early stages apply Suthol and keep the cut covered and dry.

Weight 20.00 kg
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